A scarf tied to a tree in Alexandria, MN

Scarves were scattered through out Alexandria on Sunday, in hopes that they can help someone stay warm in the upcoming cold weeks ahead and to welcome the New Year with hope, restored faith in humanity and the feeling of love. Most of these scarves were tied to trees in parks, by the tech school and along the walking/bike trail.

A tag was tied to each scarf that read: “I’m not lost, if you’re cold do not fear, take this little scarf right here! We left it tied to this tree & did we mention it’s free?! Give your neck a hug today and chase the cold away!”

If you are cold and in need of a scarf, please take one. Otherwise leave it for the next passerby-er to find!

It is unknown how “The Scarf Project” started or where, but people all over Minnesota and the U.S. have joined the efforts to help pay it forward with a “hug for your neck,” with free scarves tied to a tree with a little note attached to it. It’s for those in need or for those that are cold. When the scarf givers, were asked about their project in Alexandria, Jackie talked about cleaning out the belongings from her grandparent’s home.

“My grandma recently got sick and ended up in the hospital and my grandpa was sent to assisted living. For the past month, my family and I have been dealing with their house and belongings. My grandma owned many scarves and also made many, as she was an avid knitter and loved to sew, through out her entire life. I remembered about “The Scarf Project” and thought it was a neat idea to do with my grandma’s scarves. I asked for the help of my friend, Amanda, and here we are, tying scarves to trees! Some of these scarves she made, so I hope someone enjoys them. They were created with love and care. I also thought my grandma would approve and rest easy, knowing her scarves are going towards something good. I do admit, I wanted to keep the ones she made, but I can’t keep everything, why not pay it forward instead?”

We hope this story inspires you to have a more caring, giving New Year! Have an amazing 2017 Alexandria!


A hand made scarf awaits for it’s new owner